Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Added stress

While my CML has been doing great, with 3 recent 'weak positives' in a row, I have been having a transient problem with Monosomy 7 coming and going since Oct last year. This conditions shows up in the cytogenetics report, where they look at a small set of cells that are dividing. In my layman's terms, it's looking at the pregnant population, since that is an indicator of the future. The del 7 is actually in the non-CML cells, ie the healthy ones. I haven't seen a CML cell (Ph+) show up in this report since January of 2010. 

In October, 3/20 cells had a deletion of the 7th chromosome (intestinal deletion), while in January it was 0/20. But this last test had 4/22 with Monosomy 7. My previous dr. (Dr.D) assures me that it appears to be transient, meaning here today, gone tomorrow, etc. What is the critical question is to look to see if there is any dysplacia. That could indicate MDS, or myelodysplastic syndromes. This is often called pre-leukemia which can cause your marrow (factory of producing blood cells) to crash. There are no signs that my marrow is being impacted by this condition, and it's perfectly ok to have this condition, with no symptoms and no need to change course in treatment.

But, while I have 2 of the top doctors in the world telling me not to worry since there are no signs of MDS, it's still hard to put it aside. It's ironic that I can feel totally comfortable about my CML, and worry about something else. Ironically, the cure for MDS is a Bone Marrow Transplant.

But, I won't get ahead of myself. While it's a stressful time with everything going on, both my life and others, I have to remember to cherish every day and make it a good one. Can't predict what the future will hold.