Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Recognizing Patterns

For the first couple of months on Gleevec (400 mg) I had some side effects, specifically some pressure behind the eyes, as well as some random muscle aches. It was weird to have a muscle ache in your big toe for example. But I was told that may happen.
After the first month, side effects were further apart, and less severe. Mostly they were present in the half hour after taking the pill. What I have noticed is that taking the pill after dinner lessens any side effects. Unfortunately both times I felt the worse, was after a wonderful meal prepared by my MIL that had a very rich gravy, with red wine. It was so good though that I may just live with the side effects.
Alex has turned 3 weeks old, and thank God for mothers. Cynthia's mother was here the first couple of weeks, and now my mother will be here for one more week. It's been so nice to have her here, I hope the one thing she does recognize is how normal our lives are. I guess, as normal as 2 boys under the age of 2 1/2 can be. Besides taking my pill (now down to 1-400 mg pill instead of 4-100 mg pills), there isn't much on a daily basis to report. I know I am blessed to be in this spot now, and I know this could change at any time.
Our lives are so normal, that most pressing on our minds is to get ready for Spring Outdoor co-ed soccer season. Our team has finally decided to start acting our ages, and will go over 30 for the first time. Not bad considering our average age is almost 40 that we managed to delay the inevitable. While I was hopeful that Tyler may be able to join us this season, it may still be a little while until he will grace us with his presence on the field. I think I'll know that life is normal when I watch Tyler receive the ball, do his patented move, and provide one of his sweet passes. At that moment, I will know that we got back to where we were meant to be.

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