Monday, August 1, 2011

Missing #11

I'm a little late posting my latest results, it was mostly a non-event. My PCR continues to be weak positive. My cytogenetics showed 2/18 were Monosomy 7, and on fish it was 1/200 cells. So it continues to trend down, or at a minimum have no growth advantage. My CBC counts were all continuing to trend in the right direction, even my platelets were up to 90k. Overall, on the right track.

My next visit at OHSU will be in early September, after which I am supposed to switch to every 6 months from then on. It will be some adjustment to go from very regular monitoring and feedback, to as much as 6 months between dr. visits. I will continue to get my blood drawn, but only see Dr. M every 6 months.

On a different note, work has finally slowed down a little, either due to natural reasons, or that I am mentally preparing for upcoming paternity leave in a couple of weeks. Everything is going great with Cynthia, I don't know how she can keep the same pace. The boys continue to come up with new things almost every day, and at times Christian can be just the sweatest boy. I say at times, since he can also throw a fit and tell me that I'm not his best friend anymore either. I am impressed that he does use his words to communicate as much as he does, it helps that he tells us what bothers him, and we talk things out.

We had a soccer tournament this past weekend up in Bellingham, our yearly trip up north. While Tyler hadn't been able to play the past years, he did participate in the Friday golf last year. While golfing we talked about lineups and how he would line up the team. Tyler had a unique sense of bringing out the best of people, in no matter what situation. I was reminded this weekend that Tyler wore jersey #11, and thanks to some quick thinking, the shirt was put aside from the jersey pile. It is just another reminder how integral Tyler was in my life, all our lives. For many years, the team name was 'Bledsoe Triangle', after a formation that Tyler had thought through, and would fit our playing style. We had many successful seasons and tournaments applying Tyler's methodology.

While life goes on, it's just not the same without him. I know he was watching over us this weekend, cheering us along. We miss you #11.