Monday, October 26, 2009

10 days off Sprcel

October 26

Oct 28th - 10 days off Sprycel and other updates

Being off Sprycel was kind of the reverse of going on the drug in the first place. Some mild headaches, that easily went away with Tylenol. Once through that, I am feeling better, and my weekly checkup numbers have shown that my White Count has increased slightly from 2.2k to 2.8k, and my platelets have gone up from 44k to 58k. My hemoglobin has also gone from 9.7 to 11.3, which is correlating to more energy.
On a different note, our friends gave us an absolute wonderful weekend. Between babysitting, bringing food, watching the kids so that Cynthia could finish up a project in the house, and a great round of golf, it was a very good weekend. Christian especially loved the sitters, he asked me today 'where are the guys' ?
So Plan A is still the drug study at OHSU. Hopefully we sorted out some insurance questions today, I've been told that I may start as early as this week. I'm eagerly awaiting a start date, we're ready to get going on this study. My numbers are slowly going up, so we're not greatly concerned, but I feel somewhat unprotected not taking any drugs. But with the T315 mutation, I know now that none of the existing meds would do anything for me long term.
On another note, during my blood draw today, Dr. P stuck his head in (I was only supposed to see the nurse), and he said "you better be nice to Tanya" really caught me off guard, since I wasn't expecting to hear anything yet. While there is another test they do, he is pretty confident that she is a 10/10 match for me. We haven't heard back from Kristine yet, but having just one of them being a great match, is grealy comforting. I knew I had a good chance to find a good match on the registry, but of course a sibling match is ideal. Transplant is still Plan B, but it's nice to know that I have Tanya as a good match for me.

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