Monday, December 22, 2008

When life deals you lemons

I've thought about this phrase a lot lately, in more abstract terms than just lemons, but the old proverb is probable very representative in how you feel when you get dealt a bad hand. Although in my case, if I'm dealt lemons, I'd probably cut them up into nice wedge shapes, and put them on my Hefeweizen.  (For those of you on the East coast, Hefeweizen is an unfiltered German wheat beer....It goes nice with a little lemon wedge to give it a little zing). And it's symbolic for everyone that has to deal with cancer. Everyone's story is different, although we share the same underlying fears and hopes.
So I've been spending my time doing exactly what I want to be doing, and the snow has given us some precious time with Christian since Daycare has either been closed, or unreachable. I am still amazed to watch him discover the world, and all its wonders. This is a picture of Christian and I sledding down our street this weekend! After seeing the 3 year old neighbor girl on skis today, he told me he'd like to try skiing next year (in not so many words)..He was cheering as she was going by in perfect form!

Now for something entirely different ! Today was my weekly meeting with Dr. P. Even wtih all the snow we've had, they were keeping their normal schedule. There was some positive news, my WBC count had dropped to 62k. Both Cynthia and I were way off, although she won the bet since she was closest. My guess was 119k and her's was 111k. Also, the rest of my numbers were heading in the right direction, including my blasts which were down to 1,200 from a high of 12,000 just 3 weeks ago (Goal is 0). Dr. P seemed really pleased with the results, so much that he said we could cancel next week's appointment ! So our next appointment will be on 1/7/09 to again to draw blood and review the numbers.
I still haven't experienced any real side effects of the Gleevec, although I caught myself missing a Syracuse game on TV. I hope that is a temporary condition. He also did some feeling around, and estimated that my spleen is half the size it was, and said that I could return to normal activities, within limits (I read that as soccer and skiing are back on the schedule Smile) . Here is my stat tracker:

On the Tyler front, he finally got some sleep over the weekend, so I'm hoping he's regaining some of that lost sleep ! I appreciate people continue to send positive thoughts Tyler's way, they are getting so close to January.

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