Wednesday, January 14, 2009

No news is I news...

Moving to a monthly schedule has been a little nerve wrecking. Having weekly blood tests were kind of reassuring, especially since the numbers were moving in the right direction. But I tell myself that Dr. P knows best, and something in my latest numbers must have given him reason to think that monthly was the appropriate cadence for now. In fact, after Feb and March, my next appointment won't be until June, assuming everything follows the happy path. Cynthia had to go through a round of testing for gestational diabetes last week, but luckily it turned out normal for all 4 of her blood draws (at least mine were all spread out, she got 4 within 3 hours)....
My symptoms have lessened a little, although it could help that I'm trying to be a little more active again, after a month of being on the lazy side. This lack of regular soccer is really hurting my fitness level, besides the fact that was the most motivating factor in getting me off the couch. I've heard from two amazing people, one is a mother of a son with CML, the other is a mother of 4 kids, who has CML (just living over in Duvall, the next town over). Both have had some great insight into CML and how you approach the journey you're on. It's good to keep in mind that you have CML, but ultimately it's critical that you remember that CML doesn't run your life, you do. I realize that is easier to say now, when it's a monthly thing, rather than multiple appointments a day.
I got to see Tyler last night, and Andrea/John and Mandy. I dropped off some DVD's I had made for him, as one possible source of entertainment as he's stuck for 5+ days as bubble boy. Good thing Cynthia screened my selection, personally I thought that the 2003 Syracuse National Championship Basketball game was appropriate selection, she didn't however. Instead I included Puerto Vallarta 2005, the one year where Julie actually let her picture be taken (soccer tourney we've gone to for a few years now).
Otherwise, just keeping positive thoughts for Tyler, he checks into UW tomorrow morning.

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