Wednesday, January 7, 2009

One month checkup on Gleevec

Just a quick note to update you on my dr. appointment today.
My WBC (White Blood Cell) count came in at 9,000 today. Normal levels should be 4 to 11k, so I'm actually normal in that category. There were 90 blasts left (I started at 12,000), if it hadn't been for those 90 blasts, the dr. said I would be in Hematologic Remission. If it wasn't for the fact that Cynthia won the bet, I'd be pretty happy with the results (her guess was 10k while I was more conservative at 22k).    
Also as a pleasant surprise, we got to see Tyler and his mom for almost half an hour today, they were up visiting the nutritionist, so we found them on the 6th floor. It was really nice to see and spend some time with Tyler, although my first choice would have been to meet at the Wedgwood Ale House, but oh well. He's looking good, and seems ready for what the next few weeks will bring.
We enter a wait and see stage at this point. My appointments go to monthly for a couple of months, then to every 3 months. He seemed pleased with my response to the medicine, and seemed to believe that my own immune system had started up again and produced what it is supposed to be. The next big milestone will be at the 6 month checkup, where I'll get the pleasure of having another bone marrow test. That will tell us where I'm at in terms of a cytogenetic response.
My side effects have been a few days of swelling of the eyes, and some body ache. Dr. P says that usually those symptoms lessen after a little while. Physically I'm feeling much better, and starting to try to work out again, I'm hoping to pick up some soccer here and there in the near future, to get back into game shape. I'm a little excited about possibly having more energy on the field than I have for the last 6+ months.
So, 2009 is starting on the right foot ! We all need Tyler's procedure to go well, besides some glowing in the dark, he'll possible be able to come home just a day or two after the transplant.  

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