Thursday, July 23, 2009

Something must be going on

After my last appointment where my platelets had dropped from 200 to 81 in 2 weeks, my dr. scheduled an 'in-between' 2 week check, to see if I had bottomed out and starting to increase, or continue downwards. He's actually on vacation, so I saw his RN. I'm starting to appreciate what I have learned, so that I can at least read my numbers and know what to look for.
The good news is that my platelets went back up to 98 (from 81) so that is definately good. I asked about sports, and all she said was to avoid a direct hit. Since we're playing a soccer tournament up in Bellingham this weekend, I didn't want to be too specific, this don't ask, don't tell approach works for me.
What was interesting, is that most all my white counts have had a reduction in the past 4 weeks. As you may know, a Stem Cell will turn into multiple types of cells (White/Red/Platelets), and the White cells turn into multiple types again. So in my mind, a reduction across the board (of white cells), is actually an indication that the source of the cell is being affected. At least that is what I'm telling myself. The real indicator won't show up until we do another BMA, which would be in September at the earliest. Even then, Dr. Druker and my own dr. said not to read too much into a lack of progress, these things take time. This is truely hard for someone that is impatient with regards to some things, especially CML....
So here are my numbers and the corresponding reduction over the past 4 weeks.

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