Sunday, September 20, 2009

3 month biopsy on Sprycel

Just a quick note, today was my 3rd BMA (Bone Marrow Aspiration) since Diagnosis. At least I know what to expect each time now, and the dr's have it down to a relatively simple procedure. I had been toying with the idea of not taking one of the 2 pain medications, but sure glad I did. He had to do it twice today, and it was a little more painful than I remember on the 2nd try. But I think they got some good samples, now I wait for a week until I see him next week to talk about the results. Normally he would simply call me, but this time we're going to meet.
The reason to meet, is that he wants me to have a CBC (Complete Blood Count) run again, this one is pretty straight forward, and happens everytime I walk into the building. Draw blood, and the results are ready by the time I see him upstairs. The reason he wanted to run CBC again, is that my White count has dropped even further, to a new record low of 2800 and my platelets that seemed to have done a drop from 200 to 80, then back to 90, are now at 48k. Pretty much all my numbers dropped, also making me a little anemic and fatigued. I must be more plugged into my body lately, since I had been feeling more tired than usual.
So, again, in this game anytime you're numbers are dropping, it's usually a good thing. He thinks our discussion in a week *may* include dosage if I fall too low, possible a short break, or just a reduction from my current 100 mg a day. Both scenarios are totally normal, and it seems like a majority of CML patients have experienced these situations.
I'm just coming off the drugs, so my hip throbbing in pain, but that too shall subside....

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