Saturday, November 21, 2009

14 days into Ariad trial

On the side effect front, none to minimal. Had some muscle ache last weekend, but it was just a few hours over a couple of days. Someone else had reported similar side effects.
Friday's appointment included an Echo-Cardiogram. If you've never seen one of these, it's basically like a sonogram of a baby, but instead they are looking at your heart, each individual chamber as well as the valves. It's pretty fascinating to lay there watching your heart beat, and see the flow of blood going through each chamber. Things looked normal per the technition, but of course a specialist has to view the results.
On the CBC (Complete Blood Count), my whites have been 3.9k all week (fairly stable), but my Platelets dropped to 77k on Friday. We covered on Tuesday what would happen if they drop below the 50k mark, which is a lower limit of being on the trial. Dr. D would either lower my dosage for a short period, or give me a drug vacation. I think between the two, I would probably prefer a lower dosage, since I know people getting as low as 15mg are getting a response, and I am on 60 mg.
This coming week is a Monday/Wednesday appoitment, in which I will do the down and back each day. The road to Portland is definately turning into the road most travelled these days, but the prospect of being able to come home to Cynthia and the kids each day, is worth the drive alone. Come 2nd week of December, it's a weekly appointment, with every other week being possible to be done in Seattle.

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