Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 2 in Ariad trial

This morning was just a quick 30 min appointment, check vitals (still high BP), draw blood, and then take my medicine. I don't really get results or anything, and the way the meds work,, we won't really be looking at my blood counts until probably next week when I see the Dr. again. These daily visits are just with the clinical study coordinator and a nurse. The staff is just wonderful, and even after just a couple of days, I feel that I'm seing friends each day.
No side effects yet, so hopefully that stays. The possible side effects are headaches, skin rash, and some blurring of th eyes. Of course everyone reacts differently. The dr's thought is that more people on Sprycel experience the low blood count numbers, compared to this drug, so we shall see...Everything is going to plan, so just taking one day at a time...The only real bummer is that they want me to stay down here this weekend, but possibly home next weekend.
Thanks for all the well wishes and e-mails. It's been really nice to pull my computer and hear from everyone. It really made yesterday's experience so much better.

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