Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Dec 2nd - Cycle 2, Day 1 Ariad Trial

The trial works on a cycle (monthly) and a day offset of each day. So it's basically 4 week per cycle. Today is Day 1 of the 2nd cycle. It's an all day appointment, with various tests. I also got to see Dr. Deininger today, and Linda, his nurse. Both were so instrumental in getting me into the trial.

My platelets that I was most worried about are down to 52k today, from 56k on Wednesday last week, so they have definitely started to bottom out it appears. Dr. D had already contacted the drug company, to see if there wasn't room to keep me on the same dosage, even if my platelets fell below the 50k required in the protocol. Since I had been regular on 44k during my Sprycel months, he felt there was little risk to allow me to go as low as 30k. They agreed, and made it a discretionary decision by him. Since I have full faith in him, I have no problem following his guidance. The alternative would have been to lower my dosage until the platelets came back up, or put me on a brief drug vacation which is quite common on these types of drugs.

I also got to schedule my Seattle visits, which will start every other week beginning next week. So after I leave Portland on Thursday, it will be almost a whole 2 weeks before I come back down here. While Portland has been very good to me, I won't miss the drives and being away from home and the family. 

Otherwise, still feeling good on the drug, the plan is just to keep me on the current treatment plan, and wait and see. He is very pleased with my counts and condition, that's good enough for me.

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